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A Brief History of Progressive Rock

Not everyone enjoys listening to progressive rock, but those who do tend to really enjoy the genre. Readers who want to know about the origins of prog rock should check out the information below.

Progressive rock was the outcome of an effort to make rock ‘n’ roll a more artistic experience for both bands and listeners. The music is usually more elaborate and tends to appeal to crowds who enjoy intricate sounds that are not usually associated with rock music.Never heard of this before? Get up to speed Continue Reading »

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Top 5 Progressive Rock Albums of 2011

Progressive rock is noted for its complex musicianship and technical songwriting. Often telling stories of epic proportions, progressive rock albums feature intricate guitar solos and mythical subject matter. In 2011, there were some releases that stood out from the others in terms of originality and evolution.

Blackfield’s Welcome to My DNA is slower and more soulful than the previous Blackfield II due in part to Avi Geffen taking over most of the songwriting duties. It does manage Continue Reading »

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Getting Your Progressive Rock Fix

It’s so hard to find good music these days and it’s even harder to find good progressive rock that isn’t all about the same thing. There used to be a time when rock was about the music and the message and less about the celebrity rock stars (though they had their fair share of attention).

Progressive Rock is defined as a subgenre of a rock and roll that originated in the United Kingdom and put a greater weight on the artist’s integrity and creativity – creativity being the major aspect. Is that what you’re hearing on the radio these days? Because it sounds to me like the only stuff that makes it on the airwaves is the marketable, uninspired schlock.

I really don’t have a problem finding the progressive rock I crave because I either turn on the satellite radio or I check out all the great music channels I got through These are channels broken up by genre where they broadcast nothing but music associated with that genre. Jazz, Prog Rock, Classical – if it’s a genre and musical then they probably have a channel for it. That’s where I go to get my fix and, now, so can you.

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Three of the Biggest Flop Albums of Progressive Rock and Why They Failed

3. Mars Volta – Noctourniquet
This band is relatively new when compared to some other progressive artists. Someone should have told them what prog rock was before they even formed. Many of their albums are ridiculous torrents of overblown ambient noise followed by almost unlistenable guitar riffs, overlaid with high squealing vocals reminiscent to dying pigs. After years of this the mainstream simply lost interest, while this album reached in the top 20 in the US it has never been accepted on a broad scale.

2. YES – Magnification
There is no Continue Reading »

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Star Studed or Studed Stars: A History of the Stage Costumes of Progressive Rock

Since the birth of rock n roll, theatrics have been almost as large a part of the art form as the music itself. Plenty of progressive rock groups would wear shocking and outrageous outfits either to send a message or just have fun. There is plenty of debate over the art form’s artistic intent, but like other art forms, the artists themselves are unique and many performers brought their own interesting views and opinions to light through the power of rock n’ roll music.

Peter Gabriel is probably the most well known rock musician Continue Reading »

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What Separates Progressive Rock From the Rest of the Rock Genre

Progressive rock is a sub-genre of rock music that grew out of the art rock movement of the late 60s, a time when bands such as the Beatles and the Who were beginning to inject elaborate concepts and complex instrumentation into their albums. The first progressive rock bands took their cues from these giants of music. From the very beginning, however, prog rock was clearly something distinct from its parent genre. Prog rock bands such as Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Yes, Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Jethro Tull took the raw power of rock and Continue Reading »

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Three Impressive Concept Albums Any Progressive Rocker Should Own

In this era of overwhelming knowledge it takes a lot of bravado to sincerely say any piece of art should be known by all. The idea of the concept album specifically has expanded so far beyond its beginnings. What started out as a new approach to the long play album as an art-form in progressive music has now become a format available to all music genres. Even Hip-Hop (Kanye West) and Hardcore Punk (like Touche Continue Reading »

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Five Progressive Rock Songs Featuring Impressive Instrumentals

5) Dogs- Pink Floyd

This song, inspired in part by George Orwells “Animal Farm” is one of my all time favorites.

Pink Floyd Animal Farm as inspiration= haunting instrumentals that I find fascinating.

Plus, it’s Pink Floyd. Always a good bet.

4) Thick As A Brick- Jethro Tull

Technically, a Progressive Rock parody, but its still awesome. At over forty-two minutes long, with some amazing guitar work, and lets not forget the epic flute playing this song definitely deserves a mention!

3) The Cinema Show- Genesis

Inspired by Continue Reading »